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Looking for something to watch online? I just posted a doc highlighting Tokyo & it's evolution over the years. Check it out in the videos section at:

Change of plans tonight for the stream. 😂

See y’all at 8pm pacific.

Stream tonight.

Possibly 8pm pacific, maybe earlier.

May god help me with tonight’s stream and hope I don’t get addicted 😂

Who else has been going around saying "Happy Monday" today?


This weekend was so damn great! Hope yours was wonderful too!

It’s a new month so let’s make the most of it and do our best!


Yesterday was for sure one of those great unexpected days 🙂

Looking forward to all the crazy fun today’s gonna bring 🤪🍖🥩🍑🍾

Sorry guys, but doesn’t look like the streams happening tonight.

Lunch turned into hang out time...then mini roadtripping. I’ll be back Tuesday night streaming AND KARAOKE SATURDAY NIGHT!


Have a safe & wonderful rest of the long weekend! ❤️

Just started watching this on and the sword smith is amazing. Also the areal flyover shots of the cities and nature are stunning. Worth watching


I'm having so much luck finding all these songs I know and love 😊

Prepare your earballs!! 😎🤘

Having Shirley Manson on in the background late at night always puts me in my happy place 😊

My god this is absolutely heart breaking.

Cherish all the time you have with those you love.

What a tragedy and my heart aches for Blake and the loss of his wife, son and mother-in-law.

Kuro sings the night of Sept. 7!

I’ll be doing karaoke on stream!

Make sure not to miss it, VOD will be deleted after the stream and won’t be rebroadcasted! One night only!

Stream will be live at 8pm pacific. We’ll be doing some and seeing where the night will take us!

See you all later!

Yesterday was brutal, but ended on a high note.

Today’s feeling good so far and I’m looking forward to what the day holds.

I guess we need to have an occasional shitty day to really value the good days.

Wishing you a great Friday! 🙂

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