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Vending machines on the platform at 恵比寿駅 (Ebisu Station).

Nice short article and photos of vending machines in remote parts of Japan.

An interesting read for anyone that’s an customer. These are some of the reasons why phone numbers as 2FA, verifying a person, etc is a bad idea. I urge people to treat their phone number like an SSN.

Hope your morning went well!

Stream will be back tonight. Shooting for 6-7pm pacific start time.

✳️Checking out the Anthem update

✳️Then probably more Minecraft and ARK?....

See you all then!

Everyone in agreeance that we go back to bed and restart today?

Removed Google Analytics and Search Console code/connections from my website. Only using Automatic's Jetpack for analytics now.

That being said. I think it's time to pull the plug on Google Analytics on the site. Been thinking about doing this for a while now....

Chrome, Gmail, AMP, and Google are turning the open web into their personal walled garden. There are plenty of alternatives to Google products that are free that don’t send all your online activity to Google

Reruns are back online on Mixer. Streams will be back Thursday night with Anthem!

Have a great Hump Day!

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