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I love my bed, it’s so warm, and I’m able to follow the game via socials.

This game is not legally allowed to buy tobacco products, vote, play & , buy porn, head to strip clubs, and gamble in Vegas.

It’s one of those weeks where you can’t be bothered to wear underwear after a hot shower to officially end the week.

Hate to say this...

No stream, carpeting is still wet and have fans blowing to dry it out and the mic pick up the fans.

One day I’ll be able to regularly stream for you guys without any set backs😭🤦‍♂️

Just installed @hyperspacedev on the desktop and love it so far. A clean quick way to access without having to open the built in UI.

Holy crap is hella fun! you’re gonna enjoy this!

Going to shoot for a stream Friday night starting around 9pm pacific.

🤞 We’ll be playing and .

Sorry about the canceled stream tonight😔❤️

Going to shoot for a 10pm pacific stream, maybe earlier...

Finally jumping into and checking out .

Watch at:

Oh and I bet prices for passes to Disney theme parks will be not going down in price any time soon.

With Disney launching , I have a feeling more studios/animation houses are going to be launching their own streaming services. Good for competition, maybe, but with so many platform and fragmentation, I see bills going up like the days of cable TV.

Think I might do a short stream tonight. Will have a better idea later this afternoon and will keep y’all updated. ❤️💙

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