@dansup @trwnh having a username change feature mostly doing everything by user ID and just making sure to check the DB to see if that username is in use when creating an account or when a user decides to change names?

‪I’ve been conditioning the shit out of my ‬hair the last few days. It feels so good to run my hands through and smells like a fruit cup.

Lunch update. Never found anything/decided on anything to eat. Went grocery shopping, had a protein ball, got a steak. Guess we're having steak for dinner!

I can’t decide what I want for lunch. Hit me with what you had, some ideas, or picts of your pets. Thnx!

‪“Strates Samardzija, who was something we caught a season with a sixth strikeouts.”‬

‪😂 Strates Samardzija. Wonder if that’s Jeff’s brother‬


Series win and three wins in a row! Happy flight back to The Bay for the !

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