Let’s enjoy the day, be happy with who we are, and life always has a crazy way of working itself out 🙂

Good night Oracle Park. One of the best nights in a while. Thanks Mike for everything and the rest of my GC family ❤️

Totally. Lots of good out there in the world and positives to experience in life.

Vending machines on the platform at 恵比寿駅 (Ebisu Station).

Nice short article and photos of vending machines in remote parts of Japan.


No stream tonight (Tuesday) or tomorrow night (Wednesday). Will be back Thursday night for more streaming goodness. Have a good couple nights and see you all soon! Gonna take this time to redo and rebackup everything

If you told Kuro in High School that in about 20 years he'd be on stage photographing performing at a prom, he wouldn't have believed you.

, and photos are all online


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