I came up with the name Pixelfed and registered the domains before I wrote 1 line of code for the project.

The first thing I focused on was the UI.

It didn't even have a proper backend, everything was hardcoded. I took a few screenshots 2 days after registering the domains and announced it.

The project name wasn't released for a month and a half, the only person who knew the project name was @yabirgb (@anfora dev). We chatted a lot and he inspired a lot of features that made it to :pixelfed:

@dansup @yabirgb @anfora I love how minimalistic and clean the UI is. I hope someone build a mobile app that uses your UI for inspiration. How long have you been coding until you started Pixelfed and will EXIF data from images be stripped when uploaded to the instance (ie remove GPS data, camera info, etc)

@TheKuroKuma Thanks!

I got a V-Tech laptop with BASIC support when I was 7 or 8. Was instantly hooked. I got into web dev in 2004 or 2005.

Pixelfed stores the EXIF in the database for future features but strips it from the media files, and has done that since August 2018.


@dansup Very cool! Sounds like you’ve come a long ways🙌

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. As long as the EXIF data is stripped from public facing files.

One last Q?, any plans to add location tagging to posts general cities, places of interests, etc. maybe not reference an external list but allow for it to be a user generated list where an admin can add to/clean up?

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