Who remembers the days of 0-day w4r3z sites and ratio ftp sites?

@dansup are pixelfed insance users still unable to follow each other on remote instances?

Anyone feel like traveling around Japan on the shinkansen for a few days?

炎乱舞、観客を魅了 那智の扇祭り、和歌山


By 火祭りの伝道師 儀礼文化写真家 天野川乱歩

#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography


Funny seeing Instagram announcing testing out hiding "likes" in some markets... 😂

Speaking of... I gotta set up my own @pixelfed instance soon.

When do you normally listen to podcasts? (Lets see if polls transfer from Mastodon to tw***r correctly)

Anyone else getting a million scam calls today?

Then again maybe I'm popular now?🤷‍♂️

Office just hit about 95 and I think the UPS died, started beeping while the alarm was set to muted.

holy shit it still works! crazy being that the latest version says support for win95 to 7....

The reason Mastodon doesn't keep original uploaded files but rather converts them to more space-efficient formats/dimensions is that storage is not cheap for the average server owner, and we try to reduce the pressure on them as much as possible.

We could think about keeping high-fidelity originals if an upload quota feature was added (configurable max. disk space per user). This is non-binding poll to see if that's a direction worth pursuing.


Whelp. My twitter account just got hit with the new UI/UX and it's garbage.

Will be more on Mastodon. It's like twitter but 1,000x.... well more like 10,000x better.

Upside, least twitter has yet to mess with tweetdeck.....

Looks like an Anthem PTS hotfix for the PTS dropped today.
Going to check that out, then maybe some more Cities: Skylines...?

Aiming for a stream Friday night.

Stream starts at 5pm Pacific

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