‪I’ve been conditioning the shit out of my ‬hair the last few days. It feels so good to run my hands through and smells like a fruit cup.

Lunch update. Never found anything/decided on anything to eat. Went grocery shopping, had a protein ball, got a steak. Guess we're having steak for dinner!

I can’t decide what I want for lunch. Hit me with what you had, some ideas, or picts of your pets. Thnx!

‪“Strates Samardzija, who was something we caught a season with a sixth strikeouts.”‬

‪😂 Strates Samardzija. Wonder if that’s Jeff’s brother‬


Series win and three wins in a row! Happy flight back to The Bay for the !

If we start doing Mondays on the with warm up sessions then a little Tournament, who'd be interested?

I will be spending less time working on pixelfed as I get back into freelancing/consulting.

If you are looking for a full stack developer, DM me!

“Zombie” Deer are real 😳

FTA: “But near the end of its life, it will become more and more emaciated, leave its herd, and stumble around in repetitive patterns, grinding its teeth in a dazed search for water to quench its insatiable thirst.”


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