Looking like there’s not going to be a stream tonight. Will let you all know when the next one will be. Have a good night.

Stream might happen tonight, if it does will be a late one.

Anyone else looking forward to next weeks Shield Hero and seeing WTF is going to happen?!?!?

Can anyone recommend a theme for building a custom theme for someone familiar with HTML, some CSS and some PHP? Thank you!

Wow. So stored potentially 600 million... 600 FUCKING MILLION user passwords in their system in plain text. This also includes potentially users too. How do you not encrypt that information!?? npr.org/2019/03/21/705588364/f

I’m done for today. Wednesday is not cooperating with me.

Will be back Friday for the next stream!

Had to take the stream down. Audio was being outputted really low, troubleshooting and will be back online ASAP!


Going over today’s dev stream and then doing some building.


Stream tonight starting at about 7:30pm pacific.

We'll be talking the upcoming 1.04 patch and more building in . See all your pretty faces then!

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